Hosted Solutions

Stay up-to-date with the latest technologies

Many business owners choose to compromise when it comes to updating and upgrading systems and software to the latest versions - after all the costs can be prohibitively expensive.

But if you want your business to perform at its peak, you’ll need access to the latest technology. ITNS’ Hosted Solutions offer exactly that, at an all-inclusive fee.

When you opt for Hosted Solutions from ITNS, you can take away the pain of purchasing and licensing expensive software and trying to keep up with updates. We’ll host and upgrade your applications for you, whether they are Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Intuit QuickBooks, or your custom applications.

ITNS’s Hosted Solutions provide:

  • Accessibility - gain access to your files via our hosted storage
  • Efficiency - guaranteed with the latest software and hardware
  • Scalability - tailored solutions to meet your exact needs
  • Security - our offsite hosted environment is protected by multiple security layers

Affordable solutions to help you stay competitive